You Can Own Zone

Social Media Owned and
Controlled by YOU!

Step #1: What is Zone?

Zone is an All-in-One social media platform owned and controlled by its users. It protects our freedom of thought by eliminating the public’s dependency on corrupt social media giants like Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Zone: user owned social network and all in one social media

Step #2: Why is Zone better?

Owned by YOU – Zone eliminates the dependency on all these piece-of-shit giants using multiple feeds all-in-one user-owned app.

  • Facebook – FactCheckers is liberal bullshit.
  • Twitter – These pricks banned President Trump to influence the election.
  • Google Search – These ass-wipes only show liberal propaganda in their search results.
  • YouTube – Owned by liberal deep-state hacks Google.
  • Instagram – Owned by the corrupt socialist Nazi Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Snapchat – Selfish 25 year old liberal Evan Spiegel banned Trump during the election.
  • LinkedIn – “We’d restrict inflammatory Trump posts”. Ya? Fuck You! We’ll put you motherfuckers out of business!

Step #3: What is Zone MLM?

For only $5/month and you become an owner of own Zone. When you share your Zone link, others join and you get paid.

Step #4: What’s the risk?

Can I lose my $5? Abso-fucking-lutely!

Here’s the probability.

  • 50% Chance – Facebook, Twitter, Google, and the other corrupt giants collude with the government to protect their power/money and shut it down.
  • 50% Chance – It grows, the people own their own social media, and you get your money back… plus much, much more.

Step #5: Will all users love Zone?

The Zone all-in-one social media alternative is perfect for all. And of course, owned and controlled by the people who use it.
(Check out this 3 minute overview video)