Dangers of evil…

Just saying… To ALL my liberal, but Christian friends. This is why we argue with you. Your cognitive dissonance is extremely frustrating.

Do you understand this meme? Do you care? Islam is a religion where the Koran (Prophet Mohammad) states clearly that ALL “infidels” are to be KILLED. Islam is a state-run CULT of which ALL Muslims are frightened and enslaved by their religious zealot leaders.

If a Muslim wants to convert from Islam to Christianity, their entire family is to be killed. That’s not religion, that’s evil coercion.

YOUR seething hatred for Trump makes you oblivious to this fact. That is extremely frustrating for those of us that use our brains.

Please, please, please… open your stubborn mind!

Keep the faith! 😎

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Facebook and Twitter are corrupt. Period.

Just saying… Any rational person in America would be troubled by this… Not liberals.
Censorship in America? Liberals don’t care. They are ONLY about power and their own money. I’m not just talking the corrupt leaders, I’m talking all the liberals that vote for them too.
ALL liberals are either ignorant, selfish, or corrupt. This post illustrates that to perfection. NOT ONE LIBERAL cares about truth. Just power and their own money.
That’s what makes them so dangerous. Truth means nothing to them. All that matter to them is themselves.
For the sake of our children and the free world, liberals MUST be defeated and removed from power.
Keep the faith! 😎

Are liberals selfish pukes?

Just saying… The truth? Liberals that will vote to remove Trump and protect the corrupt deep-state in America are the greatest danger our children will ever face.

Never in their lives will our children face a greater threat to their freedom than today’s selfish American liberals.

And my voice AIN’T SHAKEN.

ALL liberals (and I love a lot of them!) are either ignorant, selfish, or corrupt. That’s NOT a low blow. It’s the TRUTH that cannot be refuted. Why?

ALL liberals are either complicit in the Orwellian Deep-State Fake News lie, or they are dangerously deceived by it. 100% TRUE.

If Trump is defeated by these self-serving liberals, our children will live in an America that would make its founding fathers puke. Selfish government hacks will control their lives, not themselves.

Love your liberal friends, but even if your “voice shakes”, tell them in no uncertain terms, what they are about to do is DEMONIC.

Keep the faith! 😎

Liberal Selfishness?

Just saying… Another proud moment for American liberals.
This is the woman they think is qualified to hold the most powerful office in the world. Think about that… They HATE Trump so much, they will elect a senile old white man, then a completely inexperienced political hack.
If this doesn’t expose the INSANE SELFISHNESS of liberals I don’t know what does. Wow.
Keep the faith! 😎


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