Orwellian Rebellion “Freedom’s Last Resort”

American Citizens unite to peacefully foreclose on the National Security Agency (NSA), and release classified (redacted) information exposing the truth about the corrupt deep-state.

1. George Orwell – In his books Animal Farm and 1984, Orwell warned America and the world about the dangers of a corrupt liberal deep-state. Based on 2020 election fraud, American citizens have no choice but to act.

2. Citizen Duty – US citizen have the right, and the duty, to alter or abolish our government if it becomes corrupt. (See Declaration of Independence).

3. Legal Right – All federal buildings, including the National Security Agency (NSA), belong to the American people. It is the people’s right to foreclose.

4. Expose Corruption – All classified information within is the intellectual property of the American people. National Security will be protected with the declassification of deep-state fraud.

5. Altered Government – All corrupt deep-state officials, elected and non-elected, will be indefinitely relieved of their duties, with new elections to follow.