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Why just donate to a cause that you support when you can invest and own in it instead?
  • User Owned – Like the Green Bay Packers, Zone is owned by its fans. Zone’s revolutionary user ownership gives control and prosperity back to the user.

User-owned social network and all-in-one social media alternative. Claim Your Zone

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User-owned Zone platform

Today, the social media giants are corrupt and users are at the mercy of a handful of untrustworthy autocrats controlling the narrative. That’s not only wrong, it’s dangerous to a free society. Zone’s multiple streams eliminates our dependency on ALL the giants, I.e., Google Search, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube and the others, all in one USER OWNED app.

Tip of the day: 1% of Facebook today is worth $6 Billion.

The User's Social Network

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One-time fee. No rebill.

Learn more about investing and Seed Capitol.

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Why invest and own more?

Starting as low as $19/month, cancel anytime, Zone has purposefully designed this option so that almost anyone can afford to invest and own more of the revolutionary all-in-one platform

Invest vs. Donate – When you donate, you help the cause. When you invest, uou help the cause and you get your money back. Your ownership value grows as the popularity of Zone grows. You the option to cash-out at any time, or let your investment grow!

More ownership starts at $19 or contact us for more details.

The Zone Team
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The User's Social Network

Can Zone be more successful than Facebook?

Absolutely, with your help. The Zone community has all the right incentive for its users to create nuclear growth. That bodes well for those that get in early.

Zone can be worth billions.

The User's Social Network

ZONE: The User's Social Network
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