User Owned Social Media

User Owned Social Media

Continue to support corrupt social media or unite to build a better user-owned alternative?

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User-Ownership is Simple

ZONE: User-owned all-in-one social media alternative

  1. Claim your Zone –  The official Zone App launch is October 2, 2020. However, you can “Claim Your Zone” today. This gets you first-in advantages when the app is launched.

  2. Create your Zone – October 2, 2020. Use one Profile! Zone’s all-in-one multiple feeds provides for you to create Zone ALTERNATIVES for most social media apps. You can create multiple personas and multiple Zones enjoying the platform owned by YOU.

  3. Own your Zone – Like the Green Bay Packers, Zone is owned by its fans. When you claim a Zone, you own it AND part of the entire Zone platform. You have complete control over all aspects of your Zone. You can increase your influence and control by inviting your friends and associates to follow your lead and create their Zone.

    Zones created early have first-in advantages. (Before October 2020 Launch)