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Why don’t we own our social media?

We can continue to make Google, Facebook, and Twitter the most powerful billionaires on planet earth or build an alternative user-owned…

Zone App Beta

What is it?

  • All your social networking, in one application. Enjoy using the same features as the social networks you know and love, conveniently in one application.
  • Create different Zones, based on how and what you use them for. Our innovative technology lets users manage all their social networks with one profile, but use different “personas” to keep your varying social networking needs separate. Choose a persona based on how you’ll be networking: Social, Business, Personal, etc. to carefully control what and how you share with the world.
  • Use Zones to control the comfort or chaos of what you see. Your different “personas” also dictate your experience while in the app. In a quiet, compassionate moment you may only want close friends and family feeds. Other times you may need all the socializing you can get. Either way, you chose what “Zone” you are in.
  • You control your Zones’ level of privacy. To make money, see only relevant ads, make online purchases, subscribe to content or memberships, make sports bets, book travel, or any other online transaction, you need to share your personal data. Zone’s “personas” make it easy to only share relevant data (i.e. business vs. personal credit card information) with the appropriate parties, for the appropriate length of time.
  • Zone out your unwanted bias. Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, and Pope Francis are important people but none of them should decide what content you see or what is your truth. Every written word, whether from a fifth grader or a thesis writer, contains the bias of the writer. The same applies for pictures, videos and music. With this understanding, we built in security features to make sure you are notified of the source, legitimacy and accuracy of the feeds and content you select.
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Zone App Beta 2019

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ZONE: The User's Social Network

Meet Zone: The User’s Social Network

  • A Calm, Convenient Alternative to Eliminate Chaos
    Patent-pending, all-in-one platform with feeds and features similar in design to those used by today’s social media giants, so users can manage the different aspects of their social networking, all in one intuitive app.

  • Controlled Privacy To Eliminate Security Concerns
    Simple, complete user control of their Zone’s privacy, security, algorithms, and even traffic analytics. Zone’s interface provides unsurpassed user protection and privacy designed to make sure sensitive data stays where it belongs: with our users.

  • Increased Influencer Exposure
    You post and share what is passionate and  important but it is lost in the chaos and frustration of biased algorithms and cluttered feeds. How about a chance to start over? Zone’s all-in-one platform allows you to reorganize what you share and only influence those who will benefit based on your “personas”. More influence with less frustration.

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Why You Need It: The Modern Social Media Landscape

A Necessary Evil?

Humanity is growing increasingly frustrated with the offerings (or lack thereof) of current social media platforms. Casual users who just want their data safe and protected, a mother who’d like to be able to share photos of her kids without fear of who else might be looking at them, grandparents who need a hassle-free way to keep tabs on their grandkids, the politically-affiliated who want to compat bias, and the busy users who just wants to see what is useful and meaningful to them. Whomever you are, and whatever your needs, Zone is the perfect place for you. Together, we can combat:

  • Giant Corporations with Giant Agendas
    We need a social networking platform that isn’t susceptible to security breaches, biased search and feed algorithms, and a monopoly on the market.

  • Cumbersome Platforms
    We need a viable competing alternative for the social media giants, where users can conveniently and privately manage the different ways they use social media — in a single application.

  • Compromised Privacy
    Existing social networking platforms have made privacy intentionally complicated so that they can profit from their users’ personal information. It should be effortless to protect your personal data by sharing this information only with certain people/businesses for only the necessary length of time. We have an intuitive, simple way to set up both initial security and ongoing permissions so you can stress less about who has access to your sensitive information.

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Own Your Zone

The current offerings (or lack thereof) from the social media giants have left many users unsatisfied and wishing for a better solution.

Congratulations – you found the solution!

Like you, millions of us are frustrated by the autocratic censorship and abridgement of free speech. Why do we pay Mark Zuckerberg to have influence and control over our own business or persona? Because we don’t have a better option?

So this got us thinking: Why not have an all-in-one social media alternative built by users like you, owned by users like you?

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Zone: A better all-in-one social media alternative

#2 Create Your Zone – October 2, 2020. Use one Profile! Zone’s all-in-one multiple feeds provides for you to create Zone ALTERNATIVES for most social media apps. You can create multiple personas and multiple Zones enjoying the platform owned by YOU.

Your Alternatives: * Social ZoneFacebook Alternative  * Business ZoneLinkedIn Alternative  * Combat ZoneTwitter Alternative  * Private ZoneInstagram & Snapchat Alternative  * Video ZoneYouTube Alternative  * Comedy Zone – TikTok Alternative  * Video Streaming Zone – Vimeo Alternative * No-Bias ZoneGoogle Search – Alternative

The User's Social Network

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