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Two ways to get lifetime access to Zone VIP.

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Zone VIP! $49 one-time-fee
(No rebill. 100% no-questions-asked MONEY BACK GUARANTEE)   Zone is FREE and will always be FREE. – A lifetime of Zone VIP grants access to all of Zone’s “optional” upgrades. These optional upgrades will provide influence and control capabilities well beyond any provided by today’s social media giants.
  Regular Price – After the Zone launch October 2, 2020, Zone users will have the option to subscribe to Zone VIP. The cost is $9/month (cancel anytime), or $99/year.   Add to Cart:
  • Zone VIP ($9,900 value – $49 one-time fee. Save 95% prior to launch)

Lifetime VIP

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(only available prior to launch)
Zone is always free! Lifetime VIP is optional.

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